Fran Capoccia
 Author, Speaker, Minister 
Nursing Degree OSU, 
Raw Food Instructor and Chef III

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To Release Forgiveness, Recover from Dis-Ease & Regain Personal Freedom.

Stressors and  Sounds

During my journey of extemely high levels of stress and cortisol tests thru the roof I found several areas that helped lower stress, especially thru music. 

The HARP  is one type of instrument which is ancient as well as modern today.  

The HEBREW ALPHABET has many amazing attributes.  It is believed to be the original language that Yahweh spoke creation into being. 

LINEN is also highly favored fabric from the past to the present day!

Finally, RAW FOOD has vibration from high to cooked food being low frequency.   See the bright glow of the raw broccoli on the left compared to the cooked on the right.  

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