Fran Capoccia
 Author, Speaker, Minister 
Nursing Degree OSU, 
Raw Food Instructor and Chef III

Welcome to L'Chaim Ministry

To Release Forgiveness, Recover from Dis-Ease & Regain Personal Freedom.

Fran's Living Foods

                     WHAT IS LIVING FOOD?                           
  • Raw Food is food prepared at temperatures no higher than 105 degrees.
  • Cooking food at lower temperatures preserves the enzymes and offers optimal health at the cellular level.
  • Living Food is easy to digest and generates maximum energy.
  • Leads to a healthier and more productive life.
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 My Story of Healing

Share My Journey of physical healing, transformation, and wholeness.

In 2004, I struggled with intestinal dysbiosis, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.  I lacked energy and difficulty with concentration and focus.  Having earned a bachelor's degree in nursing, I tried conventional methods but was not successful in healing.  

My turning point occurred once I realized my body was not healing itself.  I switched my active search for healing to living health solutions~as opposed to medical solutions~and landed on a fast track to discovery!

After intense research through scores of books and information on the Internet, I immersed myself in the health testimonials from people who, just like me, had multi-faceted health issues whose lives had been transformed by a simple, but powerful message... 

The message?

Reverse disease by altering health at the cellular level in two ways:

     1.  Eat foods rich in enzymes and vitamins to rebuild cells.
     2.  Detoxify to lessen degenerative factors.  

To put it simply:  nutrients in & waste products out. 

The surprise?  

All you need to know are the basics of living food principles, commit to the simple routine, and experience transforming results.  

I experienced these transforming results in 2010 when I was suddenly diagnosed with a health challenge involving a golf ball size polyp.  Physicians ordered immediate outpatient surgery.  Instead, I applied an intense living foods regimen of detox using wheatgrass and other fermented/enzyme rich foods.  In less than a week the mass had shrunk dramatically!

Moving forward,

I was able to apply the detox to the deepest roots of the emotional and spiritual areas of my life.  Thus Roots to Freedom and Modern Day Betrothal Journeys were revealed to me by Yahweh in such a timely fashion.

I apply the meaning of my name (Frances means "free") to my life passion:  freeing myself and other seekers to exuberant health by teaching them life-giving approaches to wholeness. 

Join me, won't you? I will warmly encourage you, thoroughly educate you, and ultimately support and empower you to wholeness.